Why Present?

We know – it is scary to get up in front of your peers and present something. But this is why you should do it anyway:

Presenting Makes You Better

Sometimes you think you know a topic inside out, but when forced to explain it to someone else - an audience in this case - you all of a sudden realise there are things you haven not thought of, or assumptions you have made that need questioning.

Share Your Knowledge

We have all met engineers who have great ideas or have solved problems in an elegant, efficient way, but their solutions have remained stuck in their own heads. By sharing your solutions and knowledge, you can make Klarna better!

Practice Makes Perfect

Having the best technical solution or best idea can only get your so far – you need to be able to communicate it! The KonferenSE is a great opportunity to practise this skill. Also, if you want to speak at another conference, sending a video of your presentation from the KonferenSE is usually helpful.

Enjoy The Perks

As a speaker at the KonferenSE you will not only receive professional speaker training, but also have your photo taken by a professional photographer, as well as get the opportunity to get to know other Klarnauts across the organisation. You will also be assigned a mentor which will help you create the best possible version of your talk.