The KonferenSE 2022


How People Trick AI and How AI Tricks People

Arman Ayvazyan

How to Replace an Engine On a Flying Plane that is Also a Bank?

Piotr Szymański

Lifelong Learning: Embrace the Idea of Being a Beginner

Aleksandra Gureeva

Leaders - Get Out of the Way So that Your People Can Grow

Alexander Korling

Heart, Magic, Discipline

Florian Barth

Datatrip Coast to Coast

Alessandro Donini

The Missing “o” in Smoooth Onboarding of New Engineers

Isabel Dunlop

Look, Mum, No Internet - Creating Great Experiences With Offline-first Apps

Andreas Wenger

Java Performance 11-17

Svitlana Onyshchenko

What No One Tells You About the Architect Role

Robin Pokorný

CSS: Cascading Support Systems

Philip Allen Bennett

Joining the Nuclear Club - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Unrestricted Access to Everything

Jeff Graham

Understanding Legacy Code Using PropER

Wilhelm von Döbeln

Stories From the Ambulance - Leading Teams in High-stress Situations

Khodor Ammar

Lightning Talks

Best Career Advice I Ever Got: Ignore Your Weaknesses, Bank on Your Strengths!

Alberto Poveda

Taming Organisation Chaos With Software Design Principles

Duy Huynh

The Art of Engineering Your Thoughts

Julien Avezou

Feel the Burn (Before It's Out)!

Matias Bolyos

Procrastination Equation: Geeky Way To Quantify Your Motivation

Igor Mosyagin


Filippo Simone
Katarzyna Kaduk
Lucas Santos
Melanie Hähnel
Philip Allen Bennett
Robin Pokorný
Roni Nathan
Sara Bäck
Waleed Ashraf


Alexander Lindholm
Belén Agüeras
Benedikt Hopfinger
Boshra Taheri
Bruno Félix
Carolin Ewetz
Enid Gjoleka
Fernando Vaz
Hossein Asadollahi
Jakub Siberski
Lucas Gabriel
Philip Allen Bennett
Robin Pokorný
Robin Voigt
Sarah Schröder
Taher Dhilawala
Tomas Nilsson